What is accidental injury? What are the accidental injuries?


Accidental injuries are events that result in physical injury from accidents and are commonly used in the insurance industry. According to the common definition of the insurance industry, accidental injury refers to an external, sudden, unintentional, non-disease objective event that causes the body to be harmed.


Accidental injuries include both accidents and injuries. Accident means that the infringement is unforeseeable, or contrary to my subjective willingness; injury is the fact that the body is invaded. Specifically, the following three conditions should be met:

1. Unpredictability

2. Caused by external causes

3. Suddenness


In the event of accidental injury resulting in personal injury, disability, or even death, the injured party may, in accordance with the law, make the following damages to the injuring party:

1. If the victim suffers personal injury, the expenses incurred for medical treatment and the income reduced due to lost work include medical expenses, lost time, nursing expenses, transportation expenses, accommodation expenses, hospital food subsidies, and necessary nutrition expenses. The indemnity obligor shall compensate him.

2. If the victim is disabled due to injury, the necessary expenses incurred for increasing the need for living and the loss of income due to the loss of working capacity, including disability compensation, disability aids, living expenses of the dependents, and rehabilitation care To continue to treat the necessary rehabilitation costs, nursing expenses, and follow-up treatment fees, the compensation obligor should also compensate.

3. If the victim dies, the indemnity obligor shall compensate the funeral expenses, the living expenses of the dependents, the death compensation fee and the expenses of the relatives of the victim for funeral matters, in addition to the compensation for the rescue treatment. Other reasonable expenses such as transportation, accommodation and lost time.