How to check the personal insurance account method?

When we work, we will apply for a medical insurance for ourselves in the unit where we work. But for such a medical insurance, do you know what methods of inquiry?


1. Social Security Center Query

If you are unclear about your social security account, you can bring your ID card to the business check-in hall of each district social insurance agency.

2. Online inquiry

Log in to the labor security network or social insurance business website of your city, click on the “Personal Social Security Information Query” window, enter your ID card and password (the password is your social security number or the date of birth of the ID card), you can check your enrollment. information.

3. Telephone consultation

Call the Labor Security Integrated Services Phone "12333" for policy advice and information enquiries.

4, touch screen query

If there is a social insurance touch screen inquiry system in the business management hall of each district social insurance agency, swipe the card or enter the card number or ID number according to the screen prompts.


When the insured person goes through the retirement formalities, the actual payment period of the basic medical insurance must be 10 years, and the basic medical insurance benefits can be enjoyed after retirement. If the payment period is less than 10 years, the transitional basic medical insurance premium for the insufficiency period (calculated on a monthly basis) shall be paid in one lump sum; if it is difficult to pay in one lump sum, it may be paid monthly after approval. If the retirees die during this period, the employer may stop paying the fee for it.

The payment standard of the transitional fund is 7.5% of the average monthly salary of the employees of the city in the previous year (the individual does not pay, and the unit average monthly salary of the employees of the city in the previous year is *7.5%).

xx 计算公式:支付金额=(120 - 重疾保险支付的月数)*(上一年度城市职工平均月工资* 7.5%+主要疾病重疾补助月支付)

每月支付重大疾病重疾补助金=上一年度该市职工平均月工资* 0.26%






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