What is the loss of the employee pension insurance manual?

Most of us know that after we have processed an employee pension insurance, there will be an employee pension insurance manual. But what if the employee pension insurance manual is lost? Let's take a look.


The insured person may go to the local social security agency to reissue the employee pension insurance manual by the person or unit holding the valid ID card such as the ID card, the photo of the 1-inch certificate, the signature of the insured, and the seal of the social security unit《XX市区参保人员社会保险手册、证补办申请表》. Flexible employees also need to carry valid documents such as ID cards, photos of 1-inch documents, signed by the insured, and stamped by the social security unit《XX市区参保人员社会保险手册、证补办申请表》to the Social Security Bureau to re-issue the employee pension insurance manual. It is necessary to remind that flexible employees should be《XX市区参保人员社会保险手册、证补办申请表》indicates the words “flexible employment insurance”, “co-insurance” or “breaking payment”.


《职工养老保险手册》is a document that records the basic situation of employees and the payment of endowment insurance premiums by enterprises and employees. It is the basis for calculating pensions when employees retire. The payment records before 1995 are filled out by the enterprise. The Municipal Social Insurance Department reviews and seals the records. After 1996, the personal accounts are established. The personal account list is issued once a year and is sequentially pasted in《手册》.

《养老保险手册》A handbook, issued by the Municipal Social Insurance Office, the employee himself. The company's annual payment schedule must be met with the employee himself and signed by the employee himself.

Through the above introduction, we know what is the employee pension insurance manual. When this manual is lost, we can make a replacement. Follow the steps described above to make a replacement.

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