Accidental Medical Insurance Reimbursement Range Do you know

Many of us will choose an accidental medical insurance for our own personal considerations. Let's take a look at what is the scope of accident insurance reimbursement?


Accidental injury medical insurance usually exists as an additional form of accident insurance. Ordinary accident insurance (different vehicle accident insurance) currently on the market is generally accompanied by accidental injury medical treatment.

Accidental injury medical treatment usually includes accidental outpatient medical care and accidental hospitalization. That is to say, some small accidental injuries can not reach the hospitalization level (for example, the cat claw dog bites the rabies vaccine, the cold fever can not be counted), can go to the clinic to deal with, can also be reimbursed within the corresponding scope of responsibility . Involving reimbursement, you need to keep the original invoice and diagnostic certificate or discharge summary and other relevant information.


In general, accidental medical insurance exists as an additional form of insurance for accident insurance. The accidental medical insurance clause is also attached to the terms of the accident insurance.

The insured person is treated in the company's designated hospital for the accidental injury (see the definition of the hospital for details), or rescued at the nearest hospital (the insured person must be transferred to the designated hospital for treatment after the patient's condition is stable), and the insured person is accidentally injured. The reasonable medical expenses incurred within 180 days from the date of occurrence shall be paid for the accidental medical insurance premium after deducting the deductible.

The accidental insurance medical insurance premium paid by the company does not exceed the insurance amount stipulated in this additional contract, regardless of one or more accidental injury insurance accidents and treatment.

When the insured is treated for two insurance years, the company will pay the medical insurance premium for the amount of insurance specified in this additional contract for the year in which the accident occurred.

xx 被保险人因其他人的责任造成的重疾费用部分由他人承担,公司不负责支付重疾保险费。



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