2017 Rural Medical Insurance Policy What is the scope and proportion of reimbursement

In the rural areas, our people can also handle a rural medical insurance for themselves, and can greatly reduce their own treatment of disease stress. Let's take a look at the 2017 rural medical insurance policy?


The construction of rural medical insurance system should deal with the relationship between universal security and classified implementation. Universal protection refers to the scope of rural social security, including all aspects of rural social members and the social security they need.

The scientific mechanism of social insurance is the risk that most people share a small number of people. The greater the coverage, the smaller the probability that each security object will be exposed to risks, and the more stable the compensation, which requires the universality of rural social security.

The classification implementation refers to the main body, project, fund raising, management methods, and treatment standards of rural social security. It should be tailored to local conditions and measured by force. It should be divided and differentiated in different regions and at different times. As mentioned above, China's rural areas are vast and the regional economic development is very uneven. It sets an objective obstacle to the implementation of a unified nationwide rural social security in rural areas. At the same time, farmers' requirements for social security are different, so it is necessary to Departure, do not engage in "one size fits all".


1. Outpatient compensation:

(1) The village clinic and the village center clinic are reimbursed 60%, the prescription drug fee limit is 10 yuan per visit, and the hospital doctor's temporary refill prescription drug fee limit is 50 yuan.

(2) Reimbursement for hospital health clinics is 40%. The inspection fee and surgical fee limit for each visit is 50 yuan, and the prescription drug fee is limited to 100 yuan.

(3) Reimbursement for reimbursement of secondary hospitals by 30%, each examination fee and surgical fee limit of 50 yuan, and prescription drug fee limit of 200 yuan.

xx (4)报销三级医院的报销率为20%。每次检查和手术费用为每张50元,处方药费为200元。







(2)报销比例:镇医院报销的60%;二级医院的报销费用为40%; 30%用于三级医院的报销。

3.重大疾病赔偿 儿童保险