What is Hebei's supplementary pension insurance policy?

As for the endowment insurance, we all know that sometimes due to some reasons, the endowment insurance payment period is not enough. At this time, we need to pay the endowment insurance. Let’s take a look at what is Hebei’s pension insurance policy? p>


Where an urban hukou, applying for insurance or continuing the basic endowment insurance relationship as an individual industrial and commercial household and a flexible employment person, it must issue business license, income certificate, household registration certificate, and termination of labor relations documents, etc. Register and establish a portfolio payment record. If the payment is made from the date of enrollment and the payment period is calculated, the actual payment period shall not be extended by reimbursing the previous annual payment. If the payment is interrupted for no more than 12 months, on the basis of individual voluntariness, you may apply for the payment of the interruption period. Payments will not be paid for more than 12 months. After reaching the statutory retirement age, if the payment period is less than 15 years, it is allowed to extend the payment to 15 years before going through formal retirement procedures and enjoying basic pension insurance benefits. Persons living in urban areas with rural hukou are not allowed to participate in the basic endowment insurance for enterprise employees in the capacity of urban flexible employees before the policy is stipulated.


Individuals who participate in basic endowment insurance receive a basic pension on a monthly basis if they have accumulated fifteen years of accumulated contributions to the statutory retirement age.

Individuals participating in basic endowment insurance, if they have reached the statutory retirement age and have accumulated contributions for less than 15 years, they can pay for up to 15 years and receive basic pensions on a monthly basis; they can also transfer to new rural social endowment insurance or urban residents' social endowment insurance. In accordance with the provisions of the State Council, enjoy the corresponding pension insurance benefits.

xx 需要提醒的是,15年的支付是享受基本重疾保险福利的“门槛”,但并不意味着你可以不用支付15年就可以支付,只要雇员和雇主建立劳动关系,就应该支付根据规定。社会保障人员表示,如果员工达到法定退休年龄但不到15年,他或她可以在支付15年的费用(一次性付款或连续付款)后享受基本养老保险金;社会养老保险或城镇居民社会养老保险措施解决养老保障问题。


养老保险可以补充,但我们必须根据补贴政策补足付款,而不是如果你想支付它,如何补足付款。当然,最好早点服用并完成15年的最短期限。 儿童保险