Accident Insurance 4 Classes Is its coverage clear?

Now when it comes to accident insurance, many people know that any occupation is suitable for accident insurance. Let’s take a look at the coverage of accident insurance.


The first category: staff of government organizations, institutions, and all civilian personnel and other personnel engaged in non-hazardous occupations.

The second category: engaging in general service industries such as tourism, commerce, hospitals; non-pure civilian jobs, but not involving dangerous occupations, such as journalism and magazines.

The third category: personnel engaged in agriculture, animal husbandry, steel industry, automobile locomotive bicycle manufacturing, paper industry, plastics industry, decoration industry, repair industry, car rental service industry, etc.

The fourth category: engaged in inland fisheries, port operations, electrical and electronic equipment, drilling, glass ceramic enamel manufacturing, bathing beach, cement industry and special operations (such as karaoke bars, bars) and other personnel.


Basic guarantee

1. Death benefit: When the insured suffers an accidental injury and causes death, the insurer pays death insurance. Death payment is all paid.

2. Disability payment: When the insured person is disabled due to accidental injury, the insurer will pay the disability insurance according to the degree of disability. Disability payment is a payment.

3. Medical payment: When the insured pays medical expenses for accidental injuries, the insurer pays according to the actual situation. Medical payment regulations have a maximum limit, and accidental injury medical insurance is generally not covered separately, but is an additional insurance coverage for accidental injury and death.

4. Stoppage payment: The insured person temporarily loses his ability to work due to accidental injury. When he is unable to work, the insurer pays the work stoppage insurance premium.

Catastrophe protection

xx 巨灾保障是一种保险,为被保险人提供巨大的自然灾害保护。灾难已成为人身安全的重大隐患,灾害保护已成为人寿保险的新焦点。




但是,个人地震豁免条款(如健康保险)的保险也可以通过购买额外的地震保险来增加地震保护的责任。 儿童保险