Rural 20 yuan accident insurance reimbursement process Do you know

Nowadays, many rural people also know the importance of accident insurance, so they will choose to insure rural 20 yuan accident insurance. Let's take a look at what is the rural 20 yuan accident insurance reimbursement process?


1. Reporting

In case of accidental injury or hospitalization, you should call the insurance company's customer service phone in time to understand the documents that need to be prepared, so that the insurance company can quickly settle claims, and should generally report the case to the insurance company within 3 days.

2. Collect documents

The procedures required by the insured for claiming for accidental injury, such as medical diagnosis certificate, certificate of accidental injury issued by the relevant department, original receipt of medical expenses and prescription, copy of my ID card or household registration certificate.

3. Insurance company audit

In the case that all documents are complete, the insurance company will review it within a certain time limit and issue a compensation or refusal notice according to the audit result.

4. Receive compensation

After receiving the payment notice, the insured or the beneficiary can obtain the indemnity from the insurance company with his ID card and household registration certificate.


The advantage of buying personal accident insurance is that one can give the buyer sufficient protection, and the second is to get a buyer's peace of mind. These two benefits are enough to show that the role of personal accident insurance is very powerful. We must know that as ordinary people, we can't predict what kind of accidents we will happen on one day. This is unwilling to come across, but it is unavoidable.

xx 目前,保险种类很多,所以购买保险时应该考虑保险。有些人会专注于旅游意外保险等保险,但有些旅游意外保险不承担潜水,跳伞,攀岩,滑雪等事故。个人意外保险的好处不仅包括旅行时发生的事故,还包括交通事故,意外跌水,雷击,蛇咬伤,煤气中毒等事故。