How long is the insurance coverage of education insurance?

How long is the insurance coverage of education insurance? How many parents choose education insurance for their children, but they don’t know anything about the age of this insurance. Let’s take a look at how long the insurance insurance coverage is.


When a child reaches a certain age, he or she needs to go to school and cannot be delayed for any reason. Nowadays, the cost of education is increasing. In order to get a good education environment for your child, it is necessary to build a proper education guarantee plan for your child.

China Merchants Bank Insurance reminds that children's education fund insurance is a long-term insurance, and different products, different payment methods, the number of years you need to pay is different, the payment period of the child education fund insurance provided in the market is 5 years of payment and 10 years of payment, the extension of the payment period can ease your pressure on each payment, and you need to prepare sufficient funds at one time. In short, you can choose your current economic strength.


1. "Privacy Exemption" function

The so-called " premium exemption" function means that once the insured parent suffers misfortune, death or total disability, the insurance company will waive all unpaid premiums and the children can continue to receive protection and funding.

2. The function of forced savings

Parents can choose the type and amount of insurance for their children according to their own expectations and the level of their children's future education. Once an education insurance plan is established for a child, the agreed amount must be deposited each year to ensure that the savings plan can be completed.

3. Insurance support function

Once the insured person has the risk of illness or accidental death and high disability, the child's education fund reserve plan, premiums, and the original rights of the policy should not be changed, and the child can still be provided with the cost of future education.

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