How many years have you paid for the pension? Did you really understand it?

As for the old-age insurance, we all know that this is an insurance that everybody should insure. It is only for how many years to pay for the pension, but not everyone knows. Let’s take a look at how many years have the pension insurance been paid?


According to the national regulations, the problems of how many years of pension insurance that everyone cares about are roughly divided into four categories: after July 1, 1998, they will participate in basic endowment insurance and reach the retirement age set by the state. The cumulative payment period is 15 years; 1998 6 Participate in the basic endowment insurance before the 30th of the month, and reach the retirement age set by the state before June 30, 2013. The accumulated payment period is 10 years; the basic endowment insurance will be taken before June 30, 1998, and the national regulations will be met after July 1, 2013. Retirement age, the cumulative payment period is 15 years; before June 30, 1998, you should participate in the basic pension insurance, and apply for insurance coverage after July 1, 1998, to reach the national retirement age (male 60 years old, Female 50 years old), the accumulated payment period is 15 years.

China Merchants Bank Insurance reminds that after applying for the self-payment fee to reach the minimum cumulative payment period of social security regulations, it is not allowed to pay, to reach the statutory retirement age, and to enjoy monthly pension benefits after applying for retirement. The employees in the enterprise are not allowed to pay enough years to pay the statutory retirement age. That is to say, how many years the pension insurance is paid, according to the time of the insurance. You can also get insured in advance, the longer you pay, the more you pay, and the more pension you receive after retirement. Paying pension insurance should be realistic. At the same time, try to ensure the continuity of payment, continuous payment of insurance and intermittent payment of insurance after retirement is different. Therefore, it is necessary to know not only how many years the pension insurance has been paid, but also whether it can be paid continuously.


xx 第一种是传统型的。传统型养老险的预定利率是确定的,一般在2.0%-2.4%,从什么时间开始领养老金,领多少钱,都是投保时就可以明确选择和预知的


第三种是万能型的。据了解,万能寿险在扣除部分初始费用和保障成本后,保费进入个人投资账户,有保证最低收益,目前一般在1.75%〜2.5%,有的与银行一年期定期税后利率挂钩。除了必须满足约定的最低收益外,还有不确定的“额外收益”。 儿童保险