Student Child Insurance Policy Contents Buying Child Insurance Remembers Four Guidelines

Nowadays, many families with children will insured their children with the previous child insurance, because the insurance for the child is the sooner it is suitable for insurance. Let's take a look at the guidelines for purchasing child insurance.


Declaration matters

The important information to be provided by the insurer is listed in the insurance contract as the basis for the insurer to cover the danger. For example, the name and address of the insured, the name of the insurance subject, the location of the insurance, the insurance period, the amount of the premium paid, and the guarantee or commitment of the insured to the danger.

Insurance matters

That is, the insurance liability that the insurer should bear.


The insurer's responsibility shall be appropriately modified or restricted, and the insurer shall not be liable for the losses caused by the danger of exclusion.

Conditional matters

That is, the obligations of the parties to the contract to fulfill their rights, such as the liability of the insured after the accident, the time limit for applying for a claim, the exercise of the subrogation right, the change, transfer, cancellation, and compensation options of the policy.

Other matters

Such as the settlement of the terms of the dispute, the statute of limitations and so on.


First, protect the child after the adult. In insurance, priority is given to insuring children, but the adults themselves are ignored. This is the most serious misunderstanding. Adults are the economic backbone of the family and the best "protective umbrella" for children. If you only buy insurance for your child, but the adult does not buy it yourself, then the family is likely to be in trouble when an adult accident occurs.

Second, the payment period does not have to be too long. You can concentrate on the child before he is a minor, and after he grows up, he can choose his own suitable insurance for his own insurance, but the protection period is relatively long.

xx 第三,保险金额不应超过限额。投保保险赔偿的儿童(如定期人寿保险和意外险),累计保险金额不得超过10万元。招商银行保险提醒,根据中国保险监督管理委员会的规定,即使支付保费,超出部分也无效。如今,一个家庭通常只有一个孩子。孩子是这个家庭的核心。因此,当父母为子女购买保险时,他们往往会陷入对保险金额越高的误解。金融专家指出,由于儿童不是家庭收入的来源,因此没有必要为儿童购买更多的保险。此外,随着孩子年龄的变化,保险的具体需求也在发生变化。

第四是购买额外的保险。购买主要保险时,您还应购买免税保费。这样,如果父母由于某种原因无法继续支付保费,对孩子的保护将继续有效。如果保险不能免除保费保险,保单持有人可以通过购买人寿保险来保护风险。 儿童保险